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Angietron 3000
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September 2017
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Angietron 3000 [userpic]
By request

Me: found the page
Me: ahahahahhahahaha oh my god i kind of love my firefox right now
Linn: omg Ange...XD
Me: in one tab i have [something], in another i have this picture
Me: and in another i have the nerdy!jdb with the worst sweater ever
Me: and then the discreet vibrators page

Linn: he was goooooood in bed...I want someone who is as good, or better...bad just won't hold it
Me: ahahahahahahha SRSLY
Me: but then that is kind of the magic of vibrators and dildos
Me: you can imagine whoever the fuck you want >:)
Linn: yeah, but they won't do the dishes when you ask them...
Me: trufax :(
Me: ahahahahahha but then you avoid a lot of arguments
Linn: trufax to that!
Linn: I could imagine...Larry!..Bono!..umm...The larry boy on the bus!
Me: james dean bradfield WITHOUT that fucking sweater!!!
Me: specifically, this version

Me: ahahahahahaha oh my god, looking at those two jdb pics next to each other...GIRLS, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE NERDS WHO CAN'T DRESS THEMSELVES!
Me: this may very well turn into this

Linn: I think I might just buy the first one....
Linn: I wonder if they have a sex shop here..or if I have to go into town...hmmm
Me: ahaha the one with the face?
Linn: yeah XD..it was the least distubing one
Me: ahahahah yeah looking at all the others i kind of have to agree
Me: giant friggin cocks and dolphins D:

Current Music: Moloko - "Sing It Back"