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Angietron 3000
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October 2009
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Angietron 3000 [userpic]

So, I've lost my Manics virginity when I never thought it'd happen, it was WAY more amazing than losing my U2 virginity, and I DIDN'T WRITE JACK SHIT ABOUT IT HERE? Oh, self. Well, better a month late than never, right?

First and foremost:
- You know how gorgeous I said Larry was? Well, multiply that by 15 million times, that's how gorgeous Nicky Wire is in person. Photos do not do that man justice.
- Okay, okay, 15 million times may be a slight exaggeration, and I may be biased because I was only three feet away from him at one point in the evening, but suffice it to say I'm Team Wire for life now.
- I may also be biased because 1) I made him laugh with the worst damn pun in the world, and 2) after that, I got a Wire smile. Holy living SHIT. That can render a girl hysterical, and I'm pretty sure he knows it. Tease.
- Further proof that he has some serious power over the womens: Claudia, who used to swear up, down, and sideways that she'd never, EVER find him attractive, called him "unexpectedly handsome." Considering he's not her type at all (and how much he used to freak her out - hell, probably still does), this is epic.

Honestly, I spent the entire gig in a blissful daze, so my memories are pretty disjointed. Here you go anyway:
- For the first time in my life, I was simultaneously underdressed and overdressed. I suppose if anyone's the right person to make such a thing possible, it's me.
- The last time I was in a venue so small was in 2003 or thereabouts, and that was a release party for a local band. This was much, much better all around. It even smelled better.
- We still don't know if the tiger I gave Nicky made it onto the amp. Claud and the guy we were hanging with claimed it did, but I somehow managed to miss that bit of the setup. Also, the few pics we got of the amp were kind of shit, so that's no help.
- I kind of wanted to move to Nicky's side, but James stood RIGHT THE FUCK IN FRONT OF ME during parts of "Motorcycle Emptiness" and "A Design For Life." So I got lucky with my spot anyway!
- And yes, I was that girl who shouted "You're awesome!" at James. Because he is, goddammit.
- Claud should have shouted "SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" like she threatened to do. I nearly did it on her behalf, but I chickened out.
- Speaking of which, he's so wee and adorable. I want to put him in my pocket and take him home. (Things I never thought I'd find myself saying: THAT.)
- I think Nicky caught me giving my friend a cellcert during "No Surface All Feeling." Glad he's not like SOME people *coughBonocough* who bitch fans out for that sort of thing.
- He definitely looked right at me during the "as a flower" bit of "Little Baby Nothing." Or I'm 90% sure he did, at least. Claud miiiiight be able to vouch for this, but I don't know if she was paying much attention to him! Probably not, so I just sound like a damn teenybopper. Oh, well.
- I was slightly disappointed we didn't get to hear "Tsunami," but it's probably for the best. If they'd played it, I might have, erm, cried and ruined my impeccable makeup. And then Claud would have cried, because I'd have ruined her hard work.
- I wish we'd stayed after the gig, but Claud had to work early-ish the next morning and was kind of hinting at me that she wanted to leave. Besides, I kind of felt like I'd used up all my nerve before the show. Next time!
- ...would it be incredibly foolhardy of me to have Nicky sign that shitty photoshop I did ages ago? It would, wouldn't it? :(

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!!! :D

Also: that photoshop was you!? XD

Tee heeeeee, yes it was. And now that my dad's got a good quality photo printer...